What leadership changes do we want to see with the Yavapai Board of Supervisors?


  • Many Yavapai voters have little awareness or understanding about what their Board of Supervisors is or does.


  • A more effective and authentic connection between the County and the community is needed, a dialogue that hasn’t happened for decades, one that ensures all voters can be part of the decision-making process.


  •  Voters want to see more balance on the Board of Supervisors, reflecting our growing diversity and expanding interests.


  • John Lutes is a well respected, principled member of our community who speaks truth, digs deep for facts, and works hard to understand the concerns of everyone.

How can we effectively manage growth, avoid sprawl and still protect Yavapai County’s natural beauty?


  • The people of Yavapai County are wondering what our lives will be like ten years from now, with 14,000 new homes and big population changes coming.


  • We’ve had to fight long and hard, often with little to no support from our elected officials, to protect the natural beauty of our surrounding lands from hyper-development in community battles like Save the Dells.


  • Going forward, we need a carefully constructed land-use and development plan to help reduce the risk of uncertainty about our water resources, government services and recreational treasures.


  • John Lutes will work hard to ensure the County helps protect our way of life and enhance the beauty of our environment and neighborhoods.

What do we want from a comprehensive, county-wide water plan?


  • Yavapai County is enduring yet another season of severe drought conditions.


  • Longtime residents and newcomers alike easily see and feel the threat of water shortages and wells running dry from drought and over-pumping.


  • Local water experts have long advocated for a comprehensive water-management plan that includes monitoring, measuring and metering.


  • John Lutes will work with scientists and community stakeholders to do the long term visionary groundwork for a comprehensive county-wide water plan and will pressure the state legislature to advocate for a change to our state water policy so that we as a county can effectively manage our own water and growth.

How can the County best support our personal health and economic recovery from Covid?

  • Yavapai residents have real concerns and uncertainty about Covid-19 and its impact on our daily lives, especially the looming threats of unemployment, evictions, foreclosures and business failures.


  • Voters want to know how the Board of Supervisors can help them deal with and recover from Covid.


  • People want to see the Board exercise all its powers to help working families and small businesses cope with these unprecedented challenges.


  • John Lutes will put public health and safety at the top of his priority list as the pandemic plays out and we recover.


  • The long-overdue upgrade to a modern Criminal Justice Center is underway, and will help Sheriff’s Department officers get back to protecting residents rather than driving prisoners to and from the Camp Verde jail 42 miles away.


  • We know that public safety is essential to our quality of life in Yavapai County, and that people like to live here because they feel safe. We want to keep it that way as we grow.


  • When public officials fail in their duty to keep voters well informed about major projects impacting the community, people are left confused and angry.


  • John Lutes will serve as a bridge between the County and the community, working for better access to the Board and improving outreach so people are more informed about Board actions, especially when it comes to public safety.

What have we learned from the County Supervisors’ decision on the Criminal Justice Center (CJC)?

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